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Boss Seth

Unisex Dinosaur and Duck Bath Toy Set | Waterwheel Fun for Kids | Cloth Storage Bag Included

Unisex Dinosaur and Duck Bath Toy Set | Waterwheel Fun for Kids | Cloth Storage Bag Included

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Product Specifications
Product Name Unisex Dinosaur and Duck Bath Toy Set
Recommended Age 0-3 years, 3-6 years, 6-12 years, 14+ years
Material Soft Cloth
Animal Dinosaur
Features Bath
Gender Unisex
Type Waterwheel/Wheel Type Dabbling Toy
Included Accessories Cloth Storage Bag
Toy Types Included Bathroom Toys Bag, Baby Bath Toy, Bathtub Bathroom Toys, Baby Toy, Bathing Toys, Bath Toys for Kids, Bathtub Doll Hanging Bag, Bathroom Organizer, Baby Bath, Water Play Toys, Baby Bath Accessories, Bath Toys, Baby Toddler Toys, Children's Toy Organizer, Bath Toy Organizer, Baby Water Bathtub Toys, Suction Cup Container


Introducing our Unisex Dinosaur Bath Toy Set – a delightful way to make bath time a thrilling adventure for children of all ages. Crafted with care and designed for safety, this set promises hours of entertainment and learning in the tub.

Key Features:

  • Brand: [None]
  • Recommended Age: 0-3 years, 3-6 years, 6-12 years, 14+ years
  • Material: Soft Cloth
  • Animal: Dinosaur
  • Features: Bath
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Type: Waterwheel/Wheel Type Dabbling Toy

Versatile Toy Set with Storage Bag:

  • Type 1: Bathroom Toys Bag
  • Type 2: Baby Bath Toy
  • Type 3: Bathtub Bathroom Toys
  • Type 4: Baby Toy
  • Type 5: Bathing Toys
  • Type 6: Bath Toys for Kids
  • Type 7: Bathtub Doll Hanging Bag
  • Type 8: Bathroom Toys Bag
  • Type 9: Hanging Basket
  • Type 10: Mesh Net Toy Storage Bag
  • Type 11: Bathroom Organizer
  • Type 12: Baby Bath
  • Type 13: Water Play Toys
  • Type 14: Baby Bath Accessories
  • Type 15: Bath Toys
  • Type 16: Baby Toddler Toys
  • Type 17: Children's Toy Organizer
  • Type 18: Bath Toy Organizer
  • Type 19: Baby Water Bathtub Toys
  • Type 20: Suction Cup Container

Our Dinosaur Bath Toy Set comes complete with a soft cloth storage bag, making it easy to organize and keep all the toys in one place. The waterwheel design adds an element of fun and excitement to every bath, stimulating creativity and motor skills.

This unisex bath toy set is not only entertaining but also educational. It encourages imaginative play and helps kids develop important skills while having a blast in the bath. Make bath time a highlight of the day with our Dinosaur Bath Toy Set.

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