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Haifeng Car Toys: Big Adventure Track Car Simulator for Kids

Haifeng Car Toys: Big Adventure Track Car Simulator for Kids

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Specification Details
Type Simulators
Ship/Naval Vessel Other
Recommended Age 4-6 years, 7-12 years, 12+ years
Plastic Type ABS
Origin Mainland China
Model Number Big Adventure Track Car
Material Plastic
Features Diecast
Certification CE
Brand Name Haifeng


The Haifeng Big Adventure Track Car, a top-tier simulator that promises hours of immersive fun. This unique simulator offers a diverse range of experiences, from navigating ships to exploring naval vessels, making it a thrilling choice for children of all ages, including 4-6-year-olds, 7-12-year-olds, and those 12 and older.

Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, this simulator is built to withstand the rigors of play, ensuring lasting enjoyment. It proudly bears the "Made in Mainland China" mark, signifying precision engineering and reliability. The Big Adventure Track Car, with its model number as a testament to its uniqueness, features diecast elements that bring realism to every adventure.

Safety is paramount, and this simulator is no exception. It boasts CE certification, guaranteeing that it meets stringent safety standards. Haifeng, a renowned and trusted brand, stands behind this thrilling product, providing endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. Get ready to embark on a journey of excitement with the Haifeng Big Adventure Track Car.

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