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Swimming Turtle & Whale Baby Bath Toys - Fun and Classic Water Play for Kids

Swimming Turtle & Whale Baby Bath Toys - Fun and Classic Water Play for Kids

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Specification Details
Recommended Age 0-6 years
Material Plastic
Plastic Type ABS
Animal Whale
Features Bath
Certification 3C
Warning Stay away from fire
Gender Unisex
Type Clockwork Dabbling Toy

How to Play: Turn the chain in a clockwise direction with gentle force to prevent damage. Watch as the small turtle and fish start their counterclockwise rotation and move. This simple action unleashes endless fun!

Product Features:
Unlimited Fun:
With dynamic and full movement, our clockwork whale bath toy brings unlimited joy to your child's bath time.

Versatile Play:
This adorable whale can crawl on land and swim in water, providing entertainment wherever your little one prefers to play.

Safe and Non-Toxic:
Crafted from smooth and environmentally friendly ABS plastic, our toy is safe and non-toxic, ensuring a worry-free playtime experience for your child.

3C Certified:
We prioritize quality and safety. Our clockwork whale bath toy is 3C certified, assuring you of a high-quality and reliable product.

Make Bath Time a Splashing Adventure!
Our Clockwork Whale Bath Toy is designed to turn every bath into a thrilling adventure for your child. Let them enjoy the dynamic movements, both in and out of the water, all while ensuring their safety with our non-toxic, 3C certified product.

Please always stay cautious and supervise playtime to make it even more enjoyable for your little one.

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